I’d like to officially announce my newest podcasting endeavor: The Puzzle Podcast.

I’m co-hosting this short weekly show of brainteasers with David Leschinsky, the owner of Eureka Puzzles, a popular puzzle and game store in Brookline, Massachusetts. The premise is simple: we pick a puzzle type for the week, explain how it works and do an example or two. We finish each episode with a harder one for the listeners to work on until next week’s show (when we’ll give the answer).PuzzlePodcast.com

The motivation for starting this show was actually this episode of This American Life. After listening to that show, I was inspired to do some more puzzles, so I went to my computer to find some puzzle podcasts. I figured there would be dozens of them, so I was shocked to find exactly one: the NPR Sunday Puzzle with Will Shortz. Now, I do like this segment, but it focuses on one specific type of word puzzle — and it is really just part of a longer radio program.

So, with the strong feeling that there should be a good puzzle podcast that featured puzzles of all types, I decided to start one. I quickly registered PuzzlePodcast.com, contacted David (who I knew from this interview I did with him for Boston Behind the Scenes), and got recording.

I’ll write a more technical post about setting up the show soon, but for now I’d like to invite you over to PuzzlePodcast.com to try your hand at our puzzles. I’ve attached the first episode to this post, and there are two more already up on the main site. If you hurry over today, you’ll still have a chance to with this week’s prize before the next episode goes out tomorrow.

As David always says, Happy Puzzling!

icon for podpress  Puzzle Podcast #1 [4:06m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download