Notes for My Brown Podcasting Workshop

I am presenting a workshop entitled Podcasting for Nonprofits at the The John Nicholas Brown Center at Brown University. In lieu of a distracting and paper-wasting handout, I’ve compiled some links here for the participants:

My Articles

How to Interview Someone – a guide to the basics of interviewing for radio/podcasting

Proper Microphone Placement – A $1000 microphone that is used improperly will just sound like a microphone being used improperly. Save the $1000 and get the placement right.

Microphone Types – What you need to know to pick a mic for you.

Recording Phone Interviews with Skype – Cheaper, easier, and (when done right) at least as good as dedicated hardware.

Promoting Your Podcast to Get More Listeners – Podcasting is better with an audience.

Why and Editing is Important, and How to Do It – When the interview is over, the work has just begun…

Outside Resources – a great educational resource for anyone interested in radio

Pulling Back the Curtain – NPR’s On The Media did an eye-opening piece on what really goes into making radio