My Podcasts

I’ve been the creator and/or host of these podcasts:

Simply Science – a biweekly video podcast from the education division of the science journal Nature

The Current Science & Technology Podcast from the Museum of Science, Boston — in the top 1% of all science news podcasts in the world, as ranked by iTunes. I started this podcast and ran it until the summer of 2008.

Boston Behind the Scenes — a critically acclaimed podcast bringing you interviews with people who make the city tick.

The Puzzle Podcast – an unfortunately short-running weekly podcast of brainteasers with “Puzzle Guy” David Leschinsky.

I’m also a frequent host of the JNCI Podcast for the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.


2 responses to “My Podcasts”

  1. Kevin Milliken Avatar
    Kevin Milliken

    “Great website Adam!”

  2. Mark LeBay Avatar
    Mark LeBay

    Hi Adam,

    I’ve been enjoying the “Current Science & Technology Podcast”” you’ve been hosting for quite some time. It is definitely one of my two or three favorite podcasts.

    I thought I’d drop a note after listening to the last podcast on Dolphin communication. Your description of how one dolphin uses another dolphin’s eechos to see “almost as if it were seeing through the other dolphin’s etyes” got me thinking.

    I think a more accurate analogy would be that one dolphin is filling the water up with waves like a flashlight filling a room with light, and since the other dolphins are sensitive to that frequency of sound (just like our own eyes are sensitive to the frequency of a certain band of light) they can use those sounds to “see” (i.e. echo locate).

    thanks for your great work!


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